A Moonlit Evening – Celebrating the Class of 2021


Sam Leon Lazo, Student Journalist

This year MTS will be holding a formal dinner in place of a traditional prom for the seniors on Saturday, May 8th at Wabun Park at Pavillon C from 7:30 to 9:30. The dinner will include a wonderful three course meal with two choices of starters and main dishes and an assortment of desserts. There will also be mocktails created by Mr. Gharrity. The location they chose has a beautiful view of the Mississippi River. There will also be other small activities. They are following the state’s safety protocols to ensure that this event is as safe as possible.

A group of seniors are also involved in the process of planning this event. Ms. Albin, Ms. Selander, and other staff members are overseeing the planning of this event to ensure it goes smoothly. I asked Ms. Albin how the event was going to be funded and apparently Mr. Fondow was very supportive and approved a budget for the event.

I asked Ms. Ablin what the difficulties of planning an event like this are, especially during Covid, and she told me that making sure everything adheres to the Covid safety guidelines while still making sure that people have fun memories at this event was a challenge. She also told me, “After planning a prom that got canceled last year and another one that couldn’t happen this year, I had given up until two students, Yabed and Elizabeth, came to me and said, ‘We have a proposal for you.’  We brainstormed many ideas for ways that we could salvage the milestone of attending prom, even though it would need to be a different experience than in past years.” I think it’s great that students managed to save the event for our seniors! This will surely be a night to remember.