Staff Spotlight – Mr. Fred

Robert Knights, Student Journalist

Mr. Fred and his cat, Richard Pryor

Hello, my name is Robert Knights and I interviewed Mr. Fred Wade. Mr. Fred was born in Chicago, Illinois in Cook County Hospital. He was raised on the South Side of Chicago. Mr. Fred is forty-five and has three beautiful daughters and a cat named Richard Pryor that he loves very much. He told me that he got his first job at a hair salon when he was only thirteen! He would clean up the hair salon from 1 am until 2:30 am every day before going back home, getting a few hours of sleep, and then waking up to go to school.

Mr. Fred has been working at MTS since November of 2017.  Mr. Fred’s job is to help students stay focused and work hard in class. He told me, “I’m a Cancer on the Zodiac, and Cancer’s are teachers at heart.”  He said that he would never want to work anywhere other than MTS because it really feels like a family.

Mr. Fred with two of his daughters