Review – The OA

Sofia Hernandez, Student Journalist

THE OA is an American science fiction television series created by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling, starring Brit Marling, Jason Issacs, and Scott Wilson. The series contains a total of 2 seasons (on Netflix) where you can appreciate the drama, fantasy, and mystery in each chapter. Not everything occurs in one dimension, and this gives you the perspective and the “magic” part of how all your choices, even the smallest ones, are really important and form the course for your life. So, in that way, it also makes you connect with the important and different points of view about death and life, and about your identity. 

But how does that happen?

Well, Prairie (Brit M.) was a Russian girl with a rich father but she was part of such a terrible accident that made her move in with her aunt, and since then her life has totally changed. She has not always been a blind girl and in one episode you can see how she connects more than twice with the dead because of that.

Then there is Doctor Hunter, or just Hap, that make some curious project with people. The problem is that not all of them want to work with him and again it depends on what kind of dimension they are in, but some are more dangerous than others.

Also, in one dimension, Prairie is so much more powerful than his enemy but needs to focus and find the “5 movements” to complete the circle. She is such a brilliant woman with a fantastic and original way to play the violin, it’s almost something unrealistic. The melody that she played, and that simple act of playing the violin on a subway (just for trying to find her father) sends her to meet the Dr. Hap that kidnaps her. But if we looked at that with another point of view, he helped her to find the power, the magic. All of that makes such an incredible and interesting plot. 

I would rate The OA 4 of 5 stars, even though the plot is really interesting and all the time it is exciting to see what is going to happen next, the episodes are really, really long. So, it could be a factor for the people to see the series as tedious or that it could be something boring though actually all the time the episodes are completely worth it. Also, it is a complicated series that isn’t easy to understand, so people might easily lose interest.