My little sister won’t leave me alone!

Dear MTS Times, 

Please help! I share a room with my sister and she’s driving me crazy. She is two years younger than me and is obsessed with me. She literally follows me around everywhere and copies everything I do. Our apartment is really small so giving her her own room isn’t an option. I love her and I’m glad she looks up to me, but sometimes I just need some privacy and space!!!

Sincerely, Fed Up!



As an older sister, I know what you’re going through. I feel like you should help her because its great that she looks up to you, and also that’s good because you can help her and be the one to teach her what privacy means. Maybe she doesn’t know what privacy means and you need to teach her. Just make sure you do it in a nice way so you don’t hurt her feelings. Remind her that you still live together and will still see each other all the time!

-Kateryn Perez Tepozteco


I also have a younger sibling, though I have a brother. I remember a time when he also followed me around and basically invaded my privacy. I remember that this would infuriate me because all I wanted to do was just get some time alone. What I would definitely not recommend is snapping or yelling at your younger sister. In my case when I did this to my brother, he would just feel bad and temporarily leave me alone. What I would recommend is calmly asking for some time where you can be alone. Your younger sister will probably ask why and just make sure you do not tell them anything insulting such as ,“You’re annoying.” Tell them how you just want to relax without distractions by yourself. If everything goes as planned you should  get your alone time.

-Sam Leon Lazo