I love my best friend’s girlfriend!

Dear MTS Times, 

So I’ve broken the number one rule of friendship…I have a crush on my best friend’s girlfriend and I think she likes me back. I honestly think that we make a better couple, and I think that she feels it too! I really really like this girl, but I don’t want to hurt my best friend and I don’t want her to hate me! But if we’re meant to be together, my friend will understand, right? And what if I’m misreading the situation and her girlfriend actually does like her more than me and I make a fool out of myself? Ugh I’m so confused!!

Sincerely, Lost in Love


That is a very serious topic. First off, you should have kept your boundaries and guard up. You wouldn’t like it if that happened to you right? I say you try to lose those feelings because you never know if you guys would workout, plus if she did your best friend like that there is a high chance she’ll do you like that too. If your friend understands and stays friends with you, you’re one lucky person. If I were your best friend, I would forgive you but not be friends with you because you knew about the relationship and still did it.  You should try telling your “ best friend”  about it and just be straight up because you’re doing one serious thing behind her back. And remember, karma is a thing.

-Jennifer Ponce Vivar


Well, I feel like you should talk to your best friend first, but start it off with good things. Ask her how she feels about her girlfriend. Maybe she doesn’t like her that much anyway. But even if she says that she really likes her you should tell her the truth. After you talk to your friend you should talk to the girl and just tell her how you feel. Yes you’ll take a big risk but it’s important to get your emotions out of you. It’s all about taking chances. You might get hurt and that’s going to feel bad but it’s better to be honest and not hold things inside. 

-Kateryn Perez Tepozteco


If it’s true love then you should go for it. Even if you’re ruining another relationship you deserve a chance at true love. There are so many benefits to being in love so you should do that for yourself.

-Das’Janae Douglas