I Am From – A Poem

Ana Lopez

I Am From by Ana Lopez


I am from rocking chairs, 

from Apple and Roku

I am from the roses that grow from the ground,

beautiful, clumsy, like a blooming star.


I am from the cherry blossoms

that grow on the tall, beautiful tree

I am from chocolate and brown eyes, 

from Alyn and Alexander.


I am from the know-it-alls and the smart-mouths,

from “please look after the kids” and “please behave in front of the guests”.

I am from Merry Christmas and Minnesota church bells.


I am from Hennepin County and South America, 

from corn tortillas and tequila.

From the angry issues my grandpa has brought upon

the attitude my father has developed.


Stored away in the dark closet with spider webs, 

from the quinceñera to becoming a wildflower.

Family is not an important thing.

It’s everything.