Staff Spotlight – Ms. Albin

Shawntea Kopseng, Student Journalist

My name is Shawntea Kopseng and I interviewed Ms. Albin, the Visual Arts teacher at MTS secondary. 

Ms. Albin got into art when she was in high school. She was always drawing, but high school was when she really started getting into it. When she was in college she took art classes mostly for fun, but then kept taking more and more classes and eventually got a major in the arts. “I didn’t know I would major in art,” she told me. Ms. Albin likes to listen to calmer types of music while she works on her pieces. “There are certain times where I don’t even want to hear music with words.” Ms. Albin’s favorite medium was glass blowing in college, now she’s more into drawing and pottery.

Ms. Albin canoeing on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. Canoeing is one of Ms. Albin’s favorite activities!

When Ms. Albin was in college she loved taking art classes. It was a combination of her two favorite things, art and working with people. Ms. Albin’s favorite thing about being an art teacher is seeing students get inspired and finding ways to express their creativity in their pieces. Ms. Albin is most inspired by the people she knows like her family and friends. She told me, “The people in my life inspire me the most!”

Ms. Albin likes to have variety when it comes to her projects for her students, coming up with new things and a lot of the time switching it up from traditional to less traditional forms of art. So if some of the students don’t like the project they are working on, they might like the next one.

Thank you for reading about and getting to know Ms. Albin!