Staff Spotlight – Ms. Minzel

Das'Janae Douglas

For this staff spotlight I interviewed Ms. Minzel. She is a Math teacher at MTS who cares deeply about her students. Ms. Minzel wouldn’t give up on a student because they didn’t care. When I interviewed Ms. Minzel I asked is it hard to teach a student who doesn’t want to be taught, and she replied, “You have to find that barrier that the student is hiding behind and break through it.” 

Ms. Minzel was motivated to become a teacher by her 8th grade Math teacher.  Ms. Minzel likes helping everyone…not only her students but everyone! I asked her how it feels knowing you play a role in your students’ lives and she said, “It is the greatest joy of all, knowing I changed that student’s life!” Ms. Minzel is an everyday hero who cares deeply and should be recognized for how wonderful she is!