Student Spotlight – Le’Bryce Sanders

Le'Ander Sanders, Student Journalist

Meet Le’Bryce Sanders, or just Bryce for short, a 7th grader here at MTS Secondary. He loves going to the Mall Of America, also going to the AMC movie theater. Other than that he likes to stay home way more than going out with friends, he is more of a homebody and doesn’t do much else outside of home. At home other than doing his online school work he likes to watch anime with me.

During quarantine Le’Bryce has been keeping busy with his school work more than anything else, he is really passionate about school and I absolutely love that about him. He still takes a French class to keep up with his fluency. He told me he’d like to go back to school in person although he is happy to not have to get out of bed anymore. Le’Bryce’s favorite show is Naruto because of the great storyline. He watches YouTube at least 2 hours daily, it’s his favorite entertainment platform.

Bryce is an amazing MTS student, always ready and happy to learn and he’s such a good kid. Thanks for reading.