Review – Snapchat

Le'Ander Sanders, Student Journalist

Snapchat is an online social media app recommended for ages 12 and up. Snapchat is a mostly enjoyable app to communicate with your friends at any time you please, no matter where you are Snapchat has no problems with long distance conversations you want to have with your friends. Most people use Snapchat for its amazing “snap filters.” I agree, they have a pretty good selection of filters to choose from and it’s very amusing to send pictures and videos to your friends all day long and it can be very entertaining.

One thing I like about Snapchat is the point/score system this app has. My favorite thing about the score system is the ability to boost your snap score with “streaks.” You can boost your score by sending a picture to any one of your friends and they send one back and you guys do this daily, hence the word “streaks.” Every day that you and your friend keep the streak going your snap score will rise. There isn’t much to dislike, although there is one downfall and that is the constant updates, when in my opinion the original version was fine how it was.

I believe that all the teachers and staff at MTS would enjoy this app and I’d recommend making an account ASAP. This is an amazing app. I’d rate it a 4.5 out of 5 because it overall does everything you need it to do, such as call, text, video call, post on your story, and all the other things you would do on almost any social media platform. Like I said, a truly amazing app and very fun to have on your mobile device. I’d recommend this app to all my friends to talk and reconnect with every single one of them.