Review – Una Niña Inútil by Cazzu

Katie Dominguez Rosas, Student Journalist

Cazzu’s new EP is a collection of mostly reggaeton songs by the Argentinian rapper/singer. Cazzu rose to fame in the Latin trap music scene after the release of her collaboration “Loca” with fellow Argentinian trap singers Khea and Duki. Cazzu is 26 years old.

Her new EP album “Una Nina Inutil” is nice and soothing, and you can just vibe to it. One of her fans said she liked one of her songs in the album because of the blues-y chords in Romance De La Venganza because of the way it matched perfectly with the R&B infused production of the track. one reason why I liked Cazzu’s new album is because she talks about different romance stories, which are probably based on her past relationships or her experiences with love. If I were to describe her new album in 5 adjectives it would be stunning, unique, unexplainable , remedying and alluring. I would recommend this album to anyone because even if you don’t understand the lyrics or Spanish, you can catch the vibe and vibe along with the music because it’s very catchy, especially with the jazzy and blues-y chords. I did not have any least favorite songs because they are all so good! One of my favorite songs from her new album was “Miedo.” I love the instrumental and the tone of the song. It’s very catchy and it’s soothing, not too crazy. I liked what she said in the song, she just talks about a guy in her life and says that they both went their own ways but they can always still be there for each other as friends even if they were once lovers and had a thing with for each other. I think that is very mature. If I were to rate this album from 1-5 I would honestly give it a solid 5.