Exciting MTS Updates!

Das'Janae Douglas, Student Journalist

Some great things are coming to MTS next year! I am excited to share with you some of the exciting things happening!

Of course, since our building was destroyed, we can look forward to being in a brand-new building next year. It will be in the same location but will be way different. As you know, MTS is currently at the Mall of America which has its own perks. You can wander around the mall and shop before the school opens and after school hours. Come and go as you please. But we are excited to be back to our new-and-improved location next year.

This is what the “learning stairs” could look like and an example of the commons area/cafeteria.

The new building will allow us to offer new classes, too. According to Mr. Fondow, the principal of MTS, “The goal is to have some new spaces built into the school like a commons area in and around the lunchroom, a FACS classroom where students could learn how to cook, and a new cafe area. We will move and upgrade our music classroom and studio, have a new art room with a kiln for projects with clay, an expanded weight room, and have a new digital and video arts studio.” I’m glad there will be more options for elective classes!

Another cool feature is that there will be moving walls and flexible seating options. Mr. Fondow also said there would be a lot of windows and natural lighting, which will be a big improvement. He also mentioned that there will be more space to grow and expand so we can offer more classes that students want. Some of the options Mr. Fondow told me about are: music, rock band, graphic arts/screen printing, cooking, weight training, painting, pottery, and journalism.

Another view of what the new lunchroom could look like with flexible seating.

The history of MTS is a great legend. It’s a small school where everybody knows your first and last name, and most students go by their nicknames. This small school shares a lot of memories, and lots of people show love towards each other. It is a place where everybody comes together when someone needs help. Even though we will be in a new building, none of that will change.  

Sadly, the new school plans not to open up until next year, but that gives us something to look forward to. And luckily, until then, we have a temporary home at the MoA.