Should Schools Re-Open?

Jennifer Ponce Vivar, Student Journalist

I know many students, including myself, who want to go to school rather than stay in online school because we do better in person. But, according to the CDC,  Covid numbers are going up again. In the past 7 days, there have been 45,482 new cases in Minnesota which is quite a lot and doesn’t feel safe. For these reasons, I think we should stay with online school until the numbers are down or until there is a vaccine. 

 There have been many rumors that we are going on a second real lockdown because of how high cases have been around the world. There has been a total of 1,197,200 total cases in the past 7 days in the United States and honestly with all this information it’s pretty self explanatory that schools should not open back up. I know it’s so stressful for us students to stay motivated during this time because everything is online, but if we keep on going out without knowing if other people we’re with have been around people with Covid things will never go back to normal and as hard as it is we have to respect everyone’s safety along with our own.

 As a student, it’s hard to accept this since I personally struggle to be the same motivated student I was before the whole pandemic, but I know the best option is to not go back until there are less cases and a vaccine because I would not want to catch Covid and risk getting other people sick. At the end of the day, I know my health and the health of others matters more. So to all the students reading this… WE GOT THIS! In person or not we have to keep on trying and reaching our goals.