How to Build Self-Confidence

Tanaya Key

Everyone admires a self-confident person. We may even be jealous of them. Self-confident people seem to be at ease with themselves and their work. They invite trust and inspire confidence in others. These are attractive characteristics in a person.

It’s not always easy to be confident in yourself. I personally suffer with self-confidence. I always used to compare myself to other people, such as how they look, the way they act, and how they handle situations. This had been going on for years. I realized as soon as I got to high school that this is not who I want to be, because it felt like I was living a big lie not only to others but to myself as well. Till this day I am still trying to love myself and also be confident. 

What is self confidence and why is it important? Self-confidence is understanding that you need to trust your own judgment and abilities, and that you value yourself and feel worthy, regardless of any imperfections or of what others may believe about you. Meaning that, people shouldn’t struggle to get their voice out and to state their opinion without thinking things like, “If I say this would it make sense?” or “What if someone judges me?” I wouldn’t say I don’t do this everyday because that would be a lie. But sometimes you just have to go for it, despite what people got to say about you. Because at the end of the day you only have yourself, and the biggest bully is your negative thoughts.   

Why does self confidence matter? Self confidence is vital in almost every aspect of our lives, yet many people struggle to find it. Sadly,  people who lack self-confidence are less likely to achieve the success that could give them more confidence.  

Here are the steps to becoming more self-confident: 

  • Stand tall. 
  • Make eye contact. Eye contact is everything. 
  • Speak slowly and clearly and with confidence. If you don’t feel confident, fake it until you make it!
  •  Keep your hands visible because your hands say a lot about you, whether you realize it or not. 

Unfortunately, there are going to be people who try to bring you down because they want what you have, and all you can do is remember this information and stay strong. I hope this helps you with your everyday life situations.