Staff Spotlight – Ms. Raney

Tariah Roberts, Student Journalist

At MTS we have an amazing music teacher, but not everyone knows her just yet so I’m here to introduce her to you all! Ms. Raney is the music teacher at our school and she loves everything about music, but her favorite part of it all is performing. Ms. Raney has been around music since she was a little girl so it was kind of a no-brainer for her to become an artist. She plays all different kinds of instruments but mainly she’s a vocalist and a pianist. She’s played the piano since she was seven!

Music is a huge part of Ms. Raney’s life, but when she was given the opportunity to work at MCS she was unsure, that is until she started working with the kids. After that she knew that this was exactly where she belonged and wanted to be. Now, with the pandemic going on, she’s seeing students struggle with school and she helping the best she can. I asked her if she could give the students some advice, and she said, “Know what you do now will eventually matter, whether that be in one month, one year, or maybe even three years. So work hard and at least get through this year!” Ms. Raney sees how hard it is right now  everything from the pandemic to losing our school, and can relate to the students because it has been hard for her to teach music online without instruments. She says if it was up to her we would be doing hybrid learning so that teachers could help students even when they don’t ask for it. With that being said, I think we all can agree that she’s an amazing teacher that really loves her job!