Staff Spotlight – Ms. Singer

Jennifer Ponce Vivar, Student Journalist

Meet Emma Singer, one of the science teachers here at MTS (it’s her first year at MTS too!!)  Emma deals with stress by taking lots of walks, and trying not to work on Saturdays. One thing Emma loves about teaching is how she is able to meet new students. She said, “I like that learning is like a cool  puzzle and I get to figure out ways to help other people figure it out,” and I think that is a very good example of teaching and learning.

As you may realize, Emma started her new job this year during a whole pandemic and she says it has been super weird, but the online summer tutoring she did it really helped her a lot. Dealing with students can sometimes be challenging and stressful but for Emma, it’s been especially tricky since most students don’t turn on their cameras and this is her first time working with them, so its hard for her to know if they’re with her or not, but luckily for her she says, “Everyone has been so kind!”

Although some people think science is really hard and not fun, Emma it is the total opposite! She claims that, “It is the greatest thing,” and likes to discover things all over again. For Ms.Singer, science really never gets boring. Since she teaches 7th and 8th grade and Biology, she teaches something different everyday and that really helps her a lot. Both of her parents are scientists and she grew up around a lot of science, so it makes sense that she choose this career!

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