Why am I feeling so sad?

Dear MTS Times,  

I’ve been feeling really sad lately but I can’t figure out why. Nothing really bad is happening to make me feel this way…I’m just not interested in things like I used to be and I constantly feel like there just isn’t any point in getting out of bed. When I tried to tell my dad about how I felt he said I need to toughen up and that everyone gets sad sometimes. He told me to go outside and get some sun, but that really didn’t help. I just really miss feeling excited about life like I used to.

Sincerely, Bummed Out


Feeling sad or bored is normal, especially when you hit teenage years, but staying sad for too long is something people should look for because it can be a sign of depression. You need to find something that motivates you to get out of bed. Maybe you could try to get a job, because then you can have your own money.

-Das’Janae Douglas


Quarantine has affected everything, and indeed the sun also has a lot to do with our state of mind since sunlight influences the physical and mental state of human beings. It is said that the sun makes us happier. Sunlight causes the release of a semiochemical known as serotonin that stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. The result is that we simply feel better. So, do not stress about this too much, because soon the winter holidays are coming and you will hopefully be able to spend some time with others, which might also help you feel better. Also, try to get as much sunlight as possible since it really does influence the way you feel!

-Sofia Hernandez


It’s okay that sometimes you feel certain emotions and it’s OKAY even if sometimes you don’t know the reason for why you’re feeling what you’re feeling. Although everything does have a reason. Think back to when you first started feeling this way. What was going through your head? What were you feeling? Or maybe, think about what happened before you felt this way. For example, you may have found yourself thinking that you weren’t pretty enough, and that stuck in your head until you started feeling really insecure about yourself and you didn’t know why you suddenly felt so ugly, when all along it was because once that got stuck in your head you started to point out different things about yourself that you felt maybe weren’t good enough. And that’s the same way you can go back and think of what may have changed before you started feeling sad. All you need to know now is that you are not alone, because many people go through the same thing with different processes. It does feel as if you’re alone but no matter what it is you’re feeling or whatever it is that’s been going on inside your head, there will always be hope. Try to have faith, which can help a lot if you allow it to. It’s not easy, but always get back up no matter what, no matter how weak you may feel.

-Katie Dominguez Rosas


If you are experiencing feelings of depression, or maybe just feel like you want to talk to someone, please reach out to a trusted adult in your life. There are many adults at MTS that you can talk to and they will get you the help you need to start feeling better! Please know that Ms. Courtney, Ms. Lane, and every other staff member at MTS cares about you and will always be here to listen and help. 

You can email Ms. Courtney at: [email protected]

You can email Ms. Lane at: [email protected]


***If you or someone you know is in crisis or is thinking about suicide, these resources can help: