Among Us

Kateryn Perez Tepozteco, Student Journalist


You pop up out of a vent.


A shot rings out.


You are back in the vent.

The lights flick back on and the people in the room freak out when they discover the dead body. 

A meeting is called to discuss the murder. No one suspects you. 


Among Us is an online, multiplayer game for people to play with friends. It is a game where you have to survive and try not to get voted off the spaceship, all while there is an imposter trying to kill you and all your friends. It is your job to find and vote off the imposter. The imposter kills people, and they win if everyone dies. The people win if they vote out all the imposters.

Among Us was released on June 15, 2018. Marcus Bromander is the creator. It got popular in 2020 because YouTubers like Sykkuno, Ninja, and Tfue started playing it and streaming their games live.  More YouTubers started playing, and then celebrities, and then suddenly everyone was playing.

Original Art by Tanesha Brown

The pandemic made Among Us more popular because everyone was stuck inside. They were bored so they started to play the game. It also let people communicate and play with their friends when they could not see them in real life. Kids and adults play it in their free time. 

There are more updates coming to Among Us. They have already changed the maps, adding more details like more tasks and more rooms. They have made the maps more colorful and added more details to the pictures. They will also add more outfits.