America’s Favorite Sunday Entertainment

Americas Favorite Sunday Entertainment

Tariah Roberts, Student Journalist

The 2021 super bowl is just days away, which means for most American families, someone you know is planning a watch-party to watch history go down! Because of the pandemic, there will be a bunch of changes to the set-up of the big day. Although one thing is definitely staying the same, the amazing entertainment before the game and at halftime!

This year we will be seeing some amazing people. Everyone knows it wouldn’t be a real Super Bowl if “American the Beautiful” wasn’t what kicked off the night. This year Jazmine Sullivan will be singing that great song followed by the national anthem, sung by the amazingly talented H.E.R. This will be the first year that both songs are sung by African Americans.

This year’s halftime show will also be very interesting, because three time Grammy winner The Weekend will be headlining the show! Because the stadium will only be allowed around to hold 20% capacity, only about 13,000 people will be watching in person, and everyone else will be watching it on tv from their homes. This probably means that there will be more than the regular 100 million people watching. With that all being said, this year shall be a year to remember, whether it be in a good way or a bad way… we’ll just have to wait and see.  

The Super Bowl will be on Sunday, February 7th at 5:30. This upcoming Sunday, January 24th, there will be two playoff games, deciding who goes to the finals. The first game will be at 2:00 CT, featuring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Green Bay Packers. The second game will be at 5:40 CT, featuring the Buffalo Bills versus the Kansas City Chiefs.