Review – Money Heist

Le'Ander Sanders, Student Journalist

Money Heist is a Spanish crime/drama show about a group of criminals who team up to rob a bank in Spain. They all meet each other because of The Professor. The Professor is the mastermind behind the entire heist, his genius proves to prevail through the whole show episode after episode, keeping the audience on their toes and anxiety high.

According to Wikipedia, Money Heist had 62 nominees and has won 29 awards and has been winning awards since 2017, including the International Emmy award for best drama series. I believe that the awards are well deserved because it is an amazing show and the fans want more. The show currently has 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is really impressive.  The target audience of the show is young adults, I wouldn’t say it’s for kids, just because of the foul language they use pretty often. I would recommend this show to lots of people. I am recommending it because I think many people would love this show if they really give it a chance because it may be in a different language that you don’t speak. Some people don’t like watching shows in different languages or with subtitles or dubbed over in English, but I don’t mind watching it in either Sub or Dub. People can find the show Money Heist on Netflix and only Netflix, because it is an Netflix original.