10 Ways to Stay Busy During Quarantine

Das'Janae Douglas, Student Journalist

Do you find yourself getting a little stir crazy after roughly eight months of quarantining? Do you feel like you’ve already seen every TikTok ever made? How about every Youtube video? Don’t let yourself go crazy because the end is in sight! Here are ten ways that you can keep your mind and body busy for these last few weeks of quarantine. 


  1. Do you know how to draw? Well, if you said “no” you can reach out to Mr. Olson and he will show you different varieties of art and give you step by step instructions.


  1. Tired of talking to one person at a time on the phone? Great, so create a big group chat and get at it!


  1. Trying to play online games with the homies? How wonderful… create a party room!


  1. Get a basketball or football or really any ball and go outside and try to create your own game! Make your own rules!


  1. Annoyed of walking around the house to the kitchen and then back to your room? What a coincidence…try walking outside! We’ve got sidewalks, paths, etc….


  1. Your phone isn’t working? Walk to your friends house and talk to them through the window! Old school!


  1. Still don’t know how to find things on your Chromebook? Take time to learn how to use it…we’ve got lots of teachers at MTS that can help!


  1. Want to impress the ladies this summer? Create a workout plan!  Mr. Moon can help you with that!


  1. Watching the same boring old TV shows? Try renting from a Redbox (old school again) or trading with a friend. 


  1. Sick of technology? Find something to replace it like a good old fashioned board game! The rest of your family is probably bored too…maybe they’ll play with you!