Review – Es Que Yo Te Quiero A Ti

Angel Tello, Student Journalist

The song Es Que Yo Te Quiero A Ti by Kevin Kaarl is one of my personal favorites. I like this song because it gives you a good message of how you feel when you lose someone important in your life. It was produced in Chihuahua, Mexico in 2020. The video for the song was released about a month after the song, and stars Kevin Kaarl and features a plot that is reflective of the lyrics of the song. The video opens with a scene of Kaarl and his ‘family’ singing a song. Then we can see that the girl (his sister) is not in the video anymore, and her mom is looking for her. Then, we see how the two brothers are sad because their sister was kidnapped. The video also shows us how they have to live with the sadness of losing someone important in your family and the stages go through to accept the feelings of losing someone. We can relate the video and the lyrics because they try to give you the same feeling.

Kevin Kaarl began his music career in 2018. He currently has two albums, the first of which was produced in 2018, although he released a few songs before that. He is known for his folk music and has a twin brother that sings backup vocals and plays the trumpet on a few of his songs. Kaarl has more than 800,000 followers on his Instagram account. 

I would not recommend this song and video to people that like music that motivates you to dance, because this style of music it’s more relaxing, and this song is pretty sad. I would recommend this to people that like calm music or like Alternative/Indie music.The target audience for this type of music is probably between the ages of fourteen and mid twenties. Although this song is in Spanish, I think people that speak any language could like it because it is relaxing and has a nice rhythm. Kevin Kaarl also has some songs in English as well. Overall, I would give this song and music video 4 out of 5 stars. I think if he would have featured his twin it could have been even better.