Student Spotlight – Sam Leon Lazo

Zach Ross, Student Journalist

Ok everyone it’s time to meet Sam Leon Lazo, or just Sam the 10th-grade math wiz. He doesn’t like going anywhere except for his bedroom, and his favorite school subject is math and he says that it’s the easiest subject for him. His favorite thing about school is hanging out with friends, which is nice so you have people to be around. His least favorite thing about school, and I’m pretty sure this is everyone’s least favorite thing about school, is waking up early in the morning. He says he also likes to read graphic novels and that is what he did during quarantine as well (hope you read some good books man!). Once he graduates high school he plans on going to college to be a software engineer. That’s going to be awesome; I hope he makes some awesome software! Sadly, yes you heard me right I said the word sadly, the amazing Sam doesn’t have any super secrets or special abilities. He doesn’t really watch movies, but he does like listening to piano music (I wonder if he listens to Beethoven or Mozart…that’d be cool). And that people is all you need to know about the amazing Sam Leon Lazo!