Student Spotlight – Berenice Pelais Garcia

Melanyn Alvarado Estrada, Student Journalist

Meet Berenice Pelais Garcia, a 12th grader at MTS high school! She has a lot of dreams and goals in life, and one of them is to one day work as a diplomat. She want to go to college and travel right after high school, and it looks like she’s on the right path (she was accepted to every college she applied to)! Quarantine has been hard for a lot of people, but Bere has been keeping busy by working a lot to be able to make her dreams come true. She’s also been traveling and hanging out with her friends. While she’s at work, to make time pass, she enjoys listening to her favorite artists Ariana Grande and Zayn Malik. She says that kind of music makes her feel energized with good vibes, and always puts her in a good mood. Even though she misses her friends, teachers, and the environment of the school, she’s doing great online and is currently in Mexico with her family, because it might be a while before she can see them again since she is going straight to college after graduation. Thanks for reading about this amazing student and I hope you get the chance to meet her!