Review – Amorfoda by Bad Bunny

Ana Lopez, Student Journalist

This song is called Amorfoda. It is by Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny and it was released on February 14th, 2018. This song comes from his heart and is about the pain he has gone through in a past relationship. The lyrics are in Spanish. 

The song starts with Bad Bunny saying he does not want anybody talking to him about love and that he is tired of it. He says he knows all the tricks of love. He later explains how much he regrets how much time he wasted on his ex. This song is full of hurting, grief, sorrow, and sickness of heart. I really do love this song because everyone has experienced heartbreak. I like how he only uses a piano, which is unique and different for him. It is very lovely. His voice is also very pleasing and delightful. I would rate this song 5 stars. It was excellent. I would consider this song to be a pop song; most of his music is pop music. I would recommend this song to my friends because it will help them out if they are going through a break up. There is a parental advisory warning for the album, so I would only recommend this song to more mature audiences.