Staff Spotlight – First Sarge

Andrea Santiago, Student Journalist

Today I interviewed Mr. Chapman, otherwise known as First Sarge, or as Ms. Selander says, The Army Man. He was in the Army for 21 years. Even though he knows when to be strict, he also shows students a lot of kindness and is always there for you. He uses values he learned in the Army to teach students how to be respectful and responsible.

First Sarge was born in St. Paul Minnesota, and has worked as a teacher at MTS High School for twelve years. He decided to work as a teacher because he said he loves working with young people. According to Mr. Chapman, to have a good teacher/student relationship, the most important thing is communication. He told me, “Communication is the main source to maintain a stable relationship, both with the student and with their parents.”  He studied at Touro University in California and worked for the first time in education at a school in South Carolina. Mr. Chapman loves tacos and his favorite color is green. Caddyshack is among his favorite movies and his favorite TV series is Seinfeld.