Staff Spotlight – Ms. Belpedio

Zach Ross, Student Journalist

Hey guys, I think it’s time you meet Ms. Belpedio, the new Special Education teacher here at MTS Secondary. Ms. Belpedio has a learning disability and struggles with reading and writing. She went to Coon Rapids High School in Minnesota, and her favorite classes were Theatre and Creative Writing. When she was in her freshman year of college, she had trouble with school and had to basically teach herself. She wanted to work in education because she doesn’t want kids to struggle like she did. When someone doesn’t like Ms. Belpedio’s class, she isn’t offended but will try to make it better for them.

When she isn’t working at MTS, she goes to her second job at a tattoo shop and does piercings. In her free time she likes to hang out with her two girl cats, Sheldon and Daryl (can you guess which shows she was watching when she adopted them??).  She also likes to do yoga. I asked her if she could have any superpower what would it be, and she said telekinesis. That’s an awesome power to have! Thank you for reading all about Ms. Belpedio and be sure to welcome her to our MTS family the next time you see her!