Staff Profile – Ms. Mary

Jose Perez Tepozteco, Student Journalist

You might recognize Ms. Mary as the woman with purple hair here at MTS. But did you know that she has been working at MTS for twelve years?! Ms. Mary does a lot of things at our school and has multiple official titles: District Advocate for African American Scholars & Family Success, Attendance Improvement Coordinator, Adolescent Parent Advocate, and Transportation Specialist. She makes sure someone picks us up and she makes sure we get home safe. She also makes sure we get everything we need. Ms. Mary is like everyone’s second mom. The reason she wanted to work in education is because she likes helping kids, and she loves her job. She told me that the hardest part about her job is not being able to give us the nutrition we need,  and she wishes she could give every student everything they want and need in life. In high school her favorite subject was social studies, and she didn’t like math or science. In her free time she likes to make masks and shirts because it calms her down. Thank you for taking the time to get to know one of the most important people at MTS!