Student Spotlight – Angel Tello

Sofia Hernandez, Student Journalist

Angel Tello is a 10th grade student originally from US but he spent most of his life in Mexico. He has lived here for almost 4 years now. As a student his favorite class is Biology and the best thing about school for him is the fact that you get to know new people. I think most of us can agree with him about that, because to know new people is to learn new ideologies, opinions, cultures etc. and of course we can form new friendships. The biggest thing that he doesn’t really like about school is the food, even though some people like it. Different food for different people, we all can respect that. During these crazy times he distracts himself with different activities like cooking, playing video games, listening to music and his favorite artist is Kevin Kaarl. After his graduation his plans are to apply to a college and gain experience in cooking, because he wants to be a chef. Most of us like traveling and we have our favorite places and for Angel, his favorites places are the beaches of Mexico, and he’s always wanted to go to Spain.