Student Spotlight – Andrea Santiago

Angel Tello, Student Journalist

Meet Andrea, a new 10th grader at MTS Secondary. This is her first year at MTS. Before this, she lived in Nicaragua! Her favorite thing about school is the teachers, and there really isn’t anything she dislikes (except maybe the food). To stay busy during quarantine, she watched a lot of old movies and TV shows. After she graduates, she wants to go to school to study graphic design. She also wants to be a flight attendant some day. Her favorite place in the world is called “Selva Negra” in the center of Nicaragua. Her special talents are singing, dancing, and being super flexible! Her favorite movies are Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, and Pinochio. She likes all of the classic Disney movies and has seen them many times. Her favorite musical artists are Justin Bieber and NCT. The only color she likes is pink. She loves cats because they sleep a lot and they are easy to take care of. Thank you for reading about this awesome student!