Staff Spotlight – Ms. BB

Angel Tello, Student Journalist

If you’ve been at MTS for longer than 5 minutes, you’ve probably met Ms. BB because she’s always running around helping people, greeting people, and just being awesome. Ms. BB has worked at MTS for five years, but has been teaching for much longer than that. She got her first teaching job in 1988! She’s been teaching longer than I’ve been alive! She decided to be a teacher to honor one of her math teachers that was murdered. The way Ms. BB teaches is very unique because she tries to connect with the students based on  their hobbies and things they like to increase their attention and passion for math. But, she does find it hard to teach during covid because no one turns on their cameras and it’s harder to make connections. This can cause stress on Ms. BB but she deals with it by running and doing exercise. I’ve also heard that she’s a great cook and baker! She also uses this time to organize the activities of her future classes. In all the years she has been  a teacher she never regrets choosing this career because she loves teaching and she also loves math!