Why did my mom have to marry this guy!?

Dear MTS Times, 

I can’t stand my new stepdad. My real dad died a few years ago, and my mom just recently got remarried. I guess I’m glad that my mom is finally happy, but I don’t get why she had to choose such a lame guy to marry. It’s like he’s always trying too hard…he pretends to like things that I like even though I can tell he doesn’t and he’s constantly asking me to go to football games with him even though he knows I think football is boring. He told me that he knows he can never replace my real dad so I wish he’d quit trying to!

Sincerely, Irritated


I think you are being way too harsh on the guy. He is trying to get to know you and you’re just criticizing him for doing that. You should be glad your stepfather is trying to be friendly with you. I’ve heard stories about stepparents mistreating their stepchildren because they aren’t their kids. But he is trying his best to get to know you. It’s completely fine for thinking that you don’t want him replacing your father. You should talk to him and tell him that. By the way you described him, I think he will understand that. Stop trying to completely brush him off and acting like a brat. Remember that if you don’t talk to him he won’t understand why you’re acting so standoffish.

-Sam Leon Lazo


You are being stupid. He is trying really hard to spend time with you and get to know you. He even takes the time to investigate what you’re interested in. He is just trying to spend time with you. You should give him a chance and try to see his side of things.

-Angel Tello


I suggest you try to soften your heart towards your stepdad. He is trying hard because he has probably never had his own children. I think that you should tell him what you actually enjoy doing so that he knows your likes and dislikes and you can do that together. Even if your dad is not with you anymore, he will always be your dad and will always be in your heart. Your stepdad can be more like a good friend to you, but you need to stop making it so difficult for him. He is also getting used to this new life with you and your mom and wants to be part of your family. I hope you allow your heart to get to know him better. Maybe you can also talk to your mom so that she can know what is going on.

-Yabed Tiempos


Well I’ve also been through a similar situation, so I totally understand you. The truth is that no one could ever replace your dad, but there are people who try to help you, and your stepdad is one of those. You should try to think for a moment how would you act and feel in his situation. I also thought that football was boring, but I give my stepdad a chance and it was really fun! I really enjoy it, so just try to give him a chance and if you don’t change your mind just take the time to talk to him and tell him that it’s okay, and that he doesn’t need to try so hard and that you can be friends. Then the pressure will be gone and he won’t try so hard. 

-Sofia Hernandez