My mom is so embarrassing!

Dear MTS Times, 

My mom insists on shopping with me and it’s so embarrassing. I’m thirteen, which I think is plenty old enough to walk around the mall by myself or with a group of friends, but my mom says I’m still too young and she thinks I’ll spend my money on stupid stuff. Well, I guess it’s actually her money, but still. She makes me try on everything in the dressing room and makes me come out and show her…and if she doesn’t like it she won’t buy it for me! A lot of my friends’ parents just give them money and drop them off! It’s so unfair.

Sincerely, Embarrassed


You are only thirteen and you should not be embarrassed about shopping with your mom, especially if she is providing the money! In my opinion you’re too young to be walking around anywhere by yourself. I personally don’t think she is being hard on you, I believe she just wants to make sure you’re safe and that you do the right thing with your money.

-Talaya Davis


I think your mom sounds a lot like mine. You need to see things from her point of view…she is your guardian and is tying to protect you even though you think that thirteen is so old. Being thirteen doesn’t make you an adult and you shouldn’t wander around the mall. Someday you will have your own kids and they will act the same way you’re acting and you will regret being embarrassed of your mother who is just trying to keep you safe.

-Yabed Tiempos


I understand how you feel but you should be able to appreciate your mom. There are a lot of people that wish they could have a mom be there for them and you shouldn’t be embarrassed. I do understand that you should be able to wear what you want to wear, not just to your moms liking. When you’re able to work you can purchase your own things, but you’re only thirteen and you’re not able to work yet. Yes, maybe your mom should be able to trust that you won’t be spending all the money on stupid stuff, but also you need to show her that you’re able to take care of yourself and use money responsibly as well as communicating respectfully with each other. 

-Melanyn Alvarado Estrada