I can’t stop thinking about my weight.

Melanyn Alvarado Estrada, Student Journalist

Dear MTS Times, 

Ever since I can remember I’ve cared about how I look, especially when it comes to how much I weigh, but recently it’s gotten a bit out of hand. I think about my weight constantly, and I feel like everyone around me is gossiping about how fat I am even though I’m definitely the skinniest person in my grade. Sometimes kids make jokes that I need to eat a sandwich or something, but that makes me feel worse and instead of eating something I’ll just skip another meal. The other day I almost fainted in class because I was so hungry, but the thought of eating lunch made me feel sick. I think my parents are getting worried because they keep asking me if I’m alright and if I need to “talk to somebody”…whatever that means. I just want to fit in and be normal, but I can’t stand the thought of gaining any weight. What’s wrong with me?



I’ve been in this situation before and let me tell you, I get it. It’s horrible just imagining gaining a little weight or even eating something. It’s like your head is punishing you. But I’m here to tell you that things get better. Please ask for help. You can tell a councilor at your school if you’re not ready to tell your parents, and they can help you get prepared for that. The fact that you understand that the situation you’re in is not ok makes you closer to the help you need and it shows how strong you are as a person.

-Melanyn Alvarado Estrada


If you think you might have an eating disorder or  just feel like you want to talk to someone, please reach out to a trusted adult in your life. There are many adults at MTS that you can talk to and they will get you the help you need to start feeling better! Please know that Ms. Courtney, Ms. Lane, and every other staff member at MTS cares about you and will always be here to listen and help. 

You can email Ms. Courtney at: [email protected]

You can email Ms. Lane at: [email protected]