Staff Spotlight – Ms. Kirscht

Yabed Tiempos, Student Journalist

I hope everybody has the chance to meet this wonderful new school counselor we have this year: Ms. Kirscht! As you may or may not know, Ms. Kirscht used to work with small kids, but now she is excited about the chance to work with older students. Some things that inspire her are working hard and feeling like she is helping others. One of her favorite classes in high school was Creative Writing class because she enjoys having the freedom to explore creativity and letting her imagination flow. One of her favorite outdoor activities is camping and exploring nature because she feels connected to it. One chore Ms.Kirscht hates doing  is putting away laundry! Ms. Kirscht’s favorite time is when it is warm and sunny, especially mornings when the birds are singing. If Ms. Kirscht was immortal for one day, she would face her biggest fear. One celebrity she gets mistaken for is Scarlett Johansson! I hope some of you get to know her better and make sure to welcome her to our school!