The Sun and the Moon

Andrea Santiago, Student Journalist

When the Sun and the Moon met for the first time, they fell madly in love and from then on they began to live a great love.

This happened when the world did not yet exist. On the day that God decided to create the world, he gave the Sun and Moon a final touch … the shine! It was also decided that the Sun would illuminate the day and that the Moon would illuminate the night. Being so, they would be obliged to live separately.

A great sadness invaded them and when they realized that they would never meet again, the Moon was becoming more and more anguished despite the brightness given by God, and she was becoming lonely. The Sun, in turn, had won a title of nobility: Astro King, but that did not make him happy either.

God, seeing this, called them to explain: “You must not be sad, you both now have your own shine. You, Moon, will illuminate the hot and cold nights. You will enchant the lovers and you will frequently be the protagonist of beautiful poetry. As for you, Sun, you will sustain that title because you will be the most important of the stars! You will illuminate the earth during the day, you will provide warmth to the humans and your simple presence will make people happier.” 

But the Moon was even more saddened by her terrible fate and wept bitterly. And the Sun, seeing her suffer so much, decided that he could not let her fall down anymore, since he would have to give her strength and help her to accept what God had decided.

Today, they both live like this, separated … the Sun burns with passion for the Moon and she lives in the darkness of her longing.

Finally, God decided that no love in this world was completely impossible … not even that of the moon and the sun. It was then that he created the Eclipse. Today the Sun and Moon live waiting for this, those rare moments that were conceived just for them to be together. 

It is important to remember that the brightness of your ecstasy is so great that you are advised not to look at the sky at that moment. Your eyes can be blinded by seeing so much love. And also remember that the Eclipse exists for another reason, but this is a story for another time…