Review – Dungeons and Dragons

Zach Ross, Student Journalist

Dungeons and Dragons is the number 1 MMORPG game in America. Dungeons and Dragons is a dice rolling RPG (roll play game) that allows you to make up fantasy characters and monsters. Dungeons and Dragons is also referred to as D&D or DnD and has many opportunities to explore your imagination while playing. D&D has been played by people usually of ages 10+ and has actually been proven to help kids grow up. D&D has so many positive effects on people. It helps with math, socialization, literacy, creativity, and most of all friendship because it brings people together and “forces” them to communicate with each other. D&D has also spawned numerous books, movies, spin-offs, and even a TV show.

I first started playing D&D last year with my brother and D&D isn’t really meant to be played with only 2 players; it’s best played with a group of 3-6 people. It is also important to have a good, creative dungeon master (the person who leads the storytelling).  When I was introduced to D&D all I wanted to do was make characters and cool items and stuff because I never had anyone to play with. That’s all I can tell you without boring you to death, but if you would like to learn more contact me and if you’re interested in trying it out, again contact me and I can teach you how to play and tell you more about it!